On summer vacation I wanted to go to some hill station. So I made a plan with my family to go kasol.

 I and my family traveled from New Delhi to Kasol. I booked my ticket from travel and tourism Dealkare. It was a good experience. Dealkare travel and tourism booked my ticket on my behalf. They took 5 percent of the total cost as a confirmation free. The remaining cost we had to pay at our destination place.

So on that day when we started our journey. Tourism Cab came to our home on time. Tourism cab was neat and clear. The Tourism cab took 9 hours to complete our journey while we made many stop on the highway and the cab driver was a nice man. He was telling us some little interesting story which was attracting us to listen to him. We reached Kasol at night. We took cab only one way so he dropped us at the hotel. All things I wanted to tell you that it was the good experience with Dealkare. They provide a nice cab and a nice cab driver. Thank you! Dealkare to make our journey special.