Meet the Contestants of Kingfisher Supermodels 2

Kingfisher Supermodels 2 Contestant No 10: Anuki Tchokhonelidze
23-year-old Anuki believes that modelling is not about beauty but about power. It was the pursuit of her dreams that led Anuki to move to Mumbai from hometown Georgia. A drama queen and always full of energy, Anuki is always up to some mischief.

Kingfisher Supermodels 2 Contestant No 9: Alina Simota
Native of Romania, Alina is a blast in front of the camera. Photography is one of her biggest passions, so much so that if not a model, she would've been a photographer. High on life, Alina loves everything artsy and her eyes are her best asset.

Kingfisher Supermodels 2 Contestant No 8: Mahnaz Damania
A total foodie and an animal lover, Mahnaz manages to spice things up with her modelling. Hailing from Ahmedabad, she moved to Mumbai from New York a little over a year ago to pursue a career in the world of modelling. This New Yorker loves to play the guitar and is quite good at it.

Kingfisher Supermodels 2 Contestant No 7: Aishwarya Singh
Ambitious, enthusiastic and a graduate of economics, Aishwarya aspires to make a niche for herself in the modelling industry. Aishwarya believes that through modelling, she'll fulfil her passion for travelling and meeting new people. Her ideals in the modelling world are Lisa Haydon, Deepika Padukone and Carol Gracias.

Kingfisher Supermodels 2 Contestant No 6: Amrita Dasgupta
Outdoorsy by nature, Amrita leaves her house everyday seeking an adventure. Modelling happened to her by chance only to find that this is where her passions really lie. Her best accessory is her confidence and her curious eyes.

Kingfisher Supermodels 2 Contestant No 5: Erica Correa
This Columbian diva has known since the age of 13 that modelling is where she belongs. Brought up in England, Erica is a self-proclaimed shopaholic and has a deep passion for travelling. When not modelling, she spends her time sleeping or eating.

Kingfisher Supermodels 2 Contestant No 4: Nikeeta Bellgard
With a feisty and vivacious personality, Delhi girl Nikeeta is surely a head turner. All of 19, she knows better than anyone else that the ramp is where she belongs. She loves to sing and dance and wants to travel as far and wide as she possibly can.

Kingfisher Supermodels 2 Contestant No 3: Swapnila Gupta
With aspirations to be among the likes of Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Tyra Banks, Swapnila has a very bubbly personality to match her confident stance. From aircraft engineering to radio jockeying to now modelling, this Lucknow girl doesn't shy away from following her passions wherever they may take her. If not a model, Swapnila would have been a writer or an actor.

Kingfisher Supermodels 2 Contestant No 2: Dafna Kro
Dafna began her career in the field of International Communications but it wasn't long before she followed her heart into the world of glitz and glamour. Zesty as ever, Dafna hopes to one day land a leading role in a Bollywood film and to win over India with her infectious smile. Dafna loves to travel and explore different foods and cultures.

Kingfisher Supermodels 2 Contestant No 1: Aastha Pokharel

An introvert by nature but once in front of the camera, Aastha is as fierce as a lioness. Having studied nursing , modeling is something she fell in love with at the age of 19. Her hobbies are photography, art and painting, this girl is the perfect blend of creativity with brains.



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