Neha Dhupia turns anchor, mentor for 'Kingfisher Supermodels 2'

Fashion, fire and femme fatale, Kingfisher Supermodels is back! After the bar set last season, this season is bound to be nothing short of exhilarating. Tune in as tough task master Neha Dhupia puts the 10 girls through her litmus test, only on Kingfisher Supermodels 2. Tonight at 10 we begin the hunt for the hottest Supermodel with NEHA Dhupia. Hotter, sexier and more glamorous! Kingfisher Supermodels returns with the second season featuring the very stylish NEHA Dhupia!.

Talking about her experience on the show, Neha said in a statement: "It was a great experience to anchor the show and see all the talented girls perform, and perform so well under so much pressure. The show has evolved over the years."


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