Love can change your life

Are you falling in love???? Love is a most beautiful feeling in our life. It teaches how to live. It feels really nice. Try to fall in love. In every relationship roll of love must be important. When we love someone, not for they want but because we always want to stay there for them. We care for someone not because they need but because we want care of them. So always inspire to other “love is unconditional”. This is the only truth can be found in all aspects of life in every relationship, whether it is the relation between child & mother, brother & sister, husband & wife and in heart to heart relation and in friends.

In love it doesn’t matter what has happened and what will be do. Love is still in our heart.
How loves change our life???????
Love is based on three aspects RESPECT, COMPROMISE and TRUST in which relation join to each other and every person feels heaven in their own life.
RESPECT: respect is that feeling in which we care for each other. It makes us very supportive. It’s all about keeping the honour and virtue of a person and that feeling change our life. Accept your lover’s dream and try to full them and understand the feeling of respect.
COMPROMISE: compromise????? Very difficult to compromise to a situation but love teaches us all compromise according to situation. Compromise is that thing in which we do all things for our relationship and for love to secure. We only want that may our love lives long life and with lots of happiness and for them we do all things as possible as. As a mother loves a child and she take all risk for child to secure her child’s life as well as relation of love also teaches us, so it change our life.
TRUTH: truth is the main aspect for every relationship. Without truth there is no relationship between a people. Yes in love it also teaches to loyal in relationships and our heart never think to cheat our partner. This makes increase the quality of love.

We can’t live without love. So choose that person who loves you and you also love that person and fall in love and make a successful life with full of joy and lots of happiness and change your life like heaven.         


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