What a girl or a woman wants

As we know god created men and women to build life and to complete another all life long. Woman is like a tea bag you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water. She only wants love and support in her family. She wants to fulfil her dreams and her family dreams.  She is the only architect of the society. It is hard to be a girl or a woman you must think like a man act like a lady and works like a horse. Every person should respect a girl or a woman. She wants to become an angel of eyes of her mother and father and wants to do something for them.

Here we want to tell you what a girl or a woman need:-
Want from her father
Father has been given a tremendous ability to influence the lives of their daughters either positively or negatively. It is depend how a father treats her daughter. Daughter only wants support and lots of love from her father.
Want from her mother
A mother is only true friend to her daughter. A girl wants to share everything with her mother. She only wants that her mother should understand her feelings.
Want from her brother
Relationship of brother and sister is really indescribable they have fun to each other. They understand their feeling and support to each other in every situation and try to understand their feelings.
Want from her partner
Honesty, caring, strength, compassion, blind loyalty shows that you are capable of love. She wants to be stay in his partner’s eyes and in his heart.

In every situation a girl always love to her family. She cares and respect but we think a girl and a woman need to full support to her family. Otherwise this cause goes towards bad path in her life.



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