When someone leave you what is the effect on your life

It is very painful life when you someone and you live without that person but almost you have to live for that person without his presence. In real life it is so difficult. We always want to stay with that person but due to some causes far away from us. How painful life is this?????
No one can understand our feelings. We always miss that person in our life but that person always stays in our heart. This loneliness can send a person down a path towards bad health.

Effect on life when someone leaves you:-

  • You have lost your trust to the other people.
  • Only negative things arise in our mind.
  • In loneliness you really don’t have to answer to anybody you do what you want.

How to be happy in alone life:-

  • Just think what makes you truly happy.
  • Start a fresh life.
  • Find your passion and cultivate it.
  • Use your alone time wisely.
  • Spend your most of time with kids and music.



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