Handloom Sarees

Fashion…especially the way we wear our clothes keep changing….the saree, suits, dupattas…almost all the garments have got a certain makeover in today’s time. However there are certain things that really never changes, and talking from the heart we believe that changing them would not be justified.

Such as a charming garment is this collection of our “EVERGREEN HANDLOOM SAREES”

These are the same age old handloom sarees that give you that classy look, that is never out of fashion…women from  Rekha to Aishwariya Rai. We have seen celebrities wearing such sarees with a dash of gold ornaments (ahhh… nothing else in the world would beat this look). So weather you are a newly married bride, her mother or a women in the middle phase of your life…..don’t step down to try this charming, beautiful, glamorous collection to instantly give you a transformation of a true feminine DAB!!!!The collection includes inspiring prints in bright flushing colors with that traditional border. If you ask us…this step is never in the wrong direction!!!!


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