SUZUKI gears up for Italy

Leading Japanese automobile manufacture would finally be venturing into Italian and European car markets next year with two new models: Suzuki Baleno and Suzuki Igniz. Massimo Nalli, General Manager of Suzuki Auto Italy, has confirmed in an interview that the Suzuki Baleno will be introduced in Italy early next year. Mr. Nalli also confirmed that the iM-4, what is now known as the Suzuki Ignis, will also be launched next year as well.

In what could be a big boost to Make in India, Baleno would be manufactured in India and would be then exported. Production of Baleno has already started in India and it would hit the markets on 26th of October.
European models will be equipped with all new 1.0 liter Boosterjet petrol engines and a 1.2 liter DualJet petrol engine with an advanced SHVS micro-hybrid technology. This new engines would make this car a powerhouse since it will develop 110 horsepower and a 170 Nm of torque, making it an orgasmic ride.
While production base for Igniz is yet not confirmed what we do know is that it would have same engine as Baleno. Billed as Suzuki’s compact crossover, the Ignis is 3.7m in length, 1.6m wide and 1.59m high while offering plenty of ground clearance. Suzuki is betting big on this one, they would be launching Igniz at the coveted Tokyo Motor show this month. Both the models will be produced and exported in left and right-hand drive for the European and UK market.

We can only hope now that Suzuki would receive the same reception in the highly competitive European market like it did in India.


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