4.7 inch Screen size is the winner

While there are many options available in the market, as they come in different screen sizes, and people hurling over bigger 5 inch screen, paying attention to the wider options that offer a better visibility as these days there are tons of diverse aspects that can be followed and performed with the smart phones in hand, starting from games, music, videos, movies, surfing the net and what not.

However after a survey performed recently, it’s the 4.7 inch screen size that has gained popularity and most of the thumbs ups.

The 4.7 inch screen has been the most preferred, handy, fits the pocket well screen throughout the world. The entire report was generated based upon the various networks available, the number of companies offering them, the number of handsets sold along with the number of people interested in buying the most apt size of 4.7 inches.

As per the numbers and the stats, the total number of screens picked by worldwide, most of them being the 4.7 inch ones, no doubt the people still crave for a bigger 5 inch one, however the most handy that can be taken everywhere you’re out and about is the 4.7 inch one.

While talking about the brands offering them, Apple secures the highest rank, while talking about the system on these smart phones, Android still rules the chart as the most preferred operating systems still used worldwide.



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