Air Purifiers- A gimmick or a respite?

While there is a lot to talk and hear about the rising and alarming pollution levels in our country, especially talking about the  metro cities that have jam packer and polluted roads, making the air we breathe contaminated and laden with toxins and pollutants.

So in this highly volatile and alarming situation, the concepts of Air purifier are suddenly gaining a lot of popularity, owing to the adverse level of pollution that has made people suffer allergies, respiratory troubles, making it really hard to breathe in pure and clean air, especially for the little kids who have a low immune system and developing systems.

So, is it all a made up thing, preparing the market to welcome these air filters, or is it really the need of the hour?

However the question that urges me is that these purifiers can be fixed indoors, right? In homes, offices, schools, nurseries etc, so what about the situation when we once breathe in the filleted air indoors go back to the pollution laden highly toxic roads?

I mean think about it, we cannot avoid going out, nor can we keep the kids insides always, so what is the benefit of using these air purifiers or filters, while we any ways need to breathe in the impure air outside.

I am seeking for an answers still on this, however if you have an explanation to talk about this, do pool in your comments, for sure!



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