All work-no pay for Indian manufacturers- For how long?

While we all have been boosting about the current state of the country, however, if we dwell inside the reality, is a little different. There is a lot of business around, however the payments come in very variably; there is no manufacturer who can actually rely on the clients these days.

India’s manufacturing cycle has no defined cash cycle, while the cycle runs very unevenly. There are many manufacturers being reviewed that recorded similar payment delays that seems to be affecting the production cycle and the lifestyle of these small business owners. They have all talked about payments getting delayed from the client’s end, even when the payments are long due during festivals as well.

Talking about, PM Modi’s initiative to boost this particular sector that stakes under a fifth of the Indian economy, if compared to a third for China being the world's biggest manufacturer. But the actuality is completely opposite and looks quite gloomy.


India certainly requires manufacturing to amplify its recuperation and generate jobs. It would be true to declare that India would be home to a millions of workers of more than 900 million people by the year 2020, approximately a fifth of the world's prospective workers.



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