Another episode of ragging ends life

Yet another ragging episode leads to a Chennai B.Tech student to end his life, by committing Suicide.

V Krishna Chaitanya, a student studying in the second-year of a B .Tech college in Chennai, took his own life as he hung himself to the ceiling fan at his house in Hyderabad. The student was home in order to celebrate the festivities of Diwali. While residing at Nizampet in Hyderabad, it is supposed that the incident took place as an outburst of his ragging session taken by his seniors that ended at taking his life, making him fed up enough to end his life himself.

According to the reports in the newspapers, an official from the police department reported that eh student’s family members registered a case of abatement to suicide under section 306 of IPC and going by the relevant sections of Anti-Ragging Act.
His parents reached this conclusion after reading a diary that Krishna maintained, and left a note before taking his own life. The note carried an 8 pages detailed description wherein he mentioned that the reason behind taking this crucial step in his life was the annoyance by one of his seniors, named Shekhar or Purnachandra Rao, who is a third year student studying in his collage back in Chennai.  Krishna mentioned about the senior student taking away all his pocket money, beating him up, while had been hospitalized as well due to a swollen eye.

Krishna mentioned about how life was getting difficult for him, as the senior students took all his money, made him to all their personal work, paying all their bills etc and using the money sent by his father for their own luxuries like mobile phones etc.



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