China’s slow down to adversely affect India

The pain China is going through has been evidently seen by the whole world; however its unpleasant effect over our country is an aspect to really think upon.

The slowdown happening in China has the whole world trapped in it some way or the other, but the kind of worst impact it has given India is a thing of concern that has been felt and realized in spite of the government’s positive statement. 

Indian that is a commodity importer, has always been helped owing to the cheaper commodities. So the impact has been moderate, however it is indeed there.
Our government is building relationships with the entire world, moving majorly towards the East, rather than the West in order to make our position strong and sturdy, however we still hope to emulate China’s growth rate and learn from the flaws China had and extract the best of its approach leaving behind the mistakes.

Indian gets to learn from the manufacturing success China has, building up on the infrastructure, encouraging the rural as well as the urban set ups perform well and successively.  We have always been getting tips and tricks to work better and more progressively from the traditions followed in China, so indeed it definitely stands as an example for our country and can help us make things better for ourselves in the coming future.



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