Education system in Delhi now under a make-over

Looks like the anxious parents get some relief for getting their children admitted into school in the capital. While this being a very important and tedious task that sends a chill to the parents who get trapped in to the various processes and procedures that vary from one school to another, making it equally more tedious and variable. Finally the government of Delhi is about to introduce a change in the education system, while the bill should be presented this winter session.

*The government is certainly preparing to leave the Section 10(1) of the Delhi School Education Act and Rules (1973) that needs private schools to disburse teachers on the same level with government ones;

*DSEAR is being modified to offer power to the government to make a decision while the nursery admission screening is concerned. They would be declaring the schools to:

a)Stop screening, basically ruled by personal interviews and instead make collecting of capitation fees punishable along with fine.

b)Admission-related enhancement would not skip the nursery admission criteria and would most likely be executed just in the consecutive round.

c)A bill would be scheduled to re-establish locking up in schools.

d)State's fee regulation bill would sensibly repeat the formation and purpose of the High Court-appointed Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee.

The admission procedure was inundated by troubles. Finally there would be criteria and definition given in order to frame things for better, while the fee structures would be defined along with prearranged penalties.


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