Happy Birthday Shahrukh Khan!!

Well, as the actor celebrated his 50th Birthday does not look an inch closer to those 50 years he has crossed in life. I mean seriously can you compare him to any other common 50 year old man?
Seriously not, people start looking like uncles, while this charming and effervescent actor surely does look like he is jut married so smoothing like that!

We wish him all the very best in his life and May he attain all that he has wished for in his life, and wish him a blessed, healthy and faced life forever.He has always been closer to all his fans, family and co-workers sharing an ultimate and unique bond with them, inspiring them and being around as and when he has always been needed.

The superstar has been often called the biggest star who carries an even bigger heart, the king of romance who has made several women go week on their knees with just a smile and trust me he still continue the same, while his age just being another number for him.

There was a buzz of war wishes and blessings from the entire film industry that have known the actor since long and swear upon his down to earth nature wish him all the very best for his future and urge him to keep spreading his charm and majestic smiles over the film industry for another 50 years!
Regardless to name them all as they are numerous fans and film makers, directors, co-workers who have flooded the actor’s account by wishing him on his special day.

Most of the blessings talk about Shahrukh Khan being the most charming, young, energetic, helpful and passionate human being, making a difference in the lives of many people from the various walks of life.

Well certainly truly defined and celebrated, cheers to the superstar of the nation, a person who has made so many of us believe in ourselves, trust in love and make lives more than just living!!!


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