Indian Languages are eternal and we must be educated in them

A stepping stone has been kept in order to promote the learning of the various traditional and culturally rooted Indian languages.

JNU is thinking about arranging schools for imparting the basic to comprehensive knowledge about the Indian languages. We have been copying the west for quite some time now aping  their culture, lifestyles and languages has been the most weird way of living these days. Right in schools children opt to learn and study international languages like Fresh, Spanish, Russian, German etc. It is not a bad idea as the world is getting globalized these days; however the fact about being at the same time getting disconnected with our own roots in the only emerging problem those we would face big time in the future, if not dealt with right now.
No youngster wants to study and learn Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu etc in their schools now, so in order to address this problem, JNU has emerged taking a step forward in offering an option to connect well, with our traditions, roots and the diverse languages in the country. In order to encourage studying and researching the Indian languages, Jawahar Lal Nehru University is taking into account putting up a School for the same that would offer comprehensive courses in the most popular and widely used Indian languages like Hindi, Urdu, Kannada and Assamese among the rest.

The are various language schools and classes that offer language courses in French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Persian from this school of languages, it being a renown name in being a School of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies, but none of the Indian languages are researched, inquired or preached here.

However better late than being sorry the management has decided to put up Indian language courses and they are planning to put up schools for the various Indian languages to offer masters courses along with research degrees on the various rich and cultural Indian languages like Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Assamese Bengali and Oriya languages.

At the moment a proposal concerning the same has been hurled to the various decision authorities in the University to acquire acceptance and approval along with their feedback and views on the thought.
If the feedback received would be positive the matter would eventually go to the Academic council for the further required approval.

Rightly floated must say, considering the stance our country is taking facing the world, competitively, wherein our Prime Minister makes us proud talking in his mother tongue on his visits o the foreign countries, it time we should stop being insulted in speaking our mother tongue and we should now stop copying the west and create our own stance, stature and worth for the rest of the world to be inspired by us, motivated with our growth and follow us, learning our languages further on.


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