India’s higher Education is worthy now

At present the Indian higher education system is a kind of an amalgam that comprises of nearly equal contribution from the government as well as the private names.

Talking about this at the National Higher Education Conclave 2015, planned by CII it has been quoted that the higher education system has been praiseworthy in producing young leaders who are actively involved in the various crucial spheres of the world.

Although rules have been important, while at the same time keeping a check over the quality of education, its character should differ in accordance to the institution, remembering the collective goals to be met once matched to the investments made while acquiring education.

Advanced institutions have comprehensive system to preserve quality values, the government, as a substitute of modifying them, should pay attention on emerging commendable institutes and it students.

There was a talk about the prominence of raising a sturdy connection between industry and the academic world to introduce a revolutionary transform in the higher education backdrop.



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