Is Aamir Khan Safe in the country now?

There is a refit among the mass following to the leading Khan Superstar, Aamir Khan, who has been trapped and targeted after he made remarks about Indian being intolerant. While we have a free country where in each individual has the freedom of speech and we are entitled to express ourselves any ways we want to.

However in spite of being knowledgeable about that we are mistakenly taking things for granted and in our hands. No matter how disturbing anybody’s comments can be, no one has a right to target them and misbehave with them, right? This typically demonstrates the intolerance we have been talking about, isn’t it?

Anyways, Aamir Khan is presently shooting for his upcoming flick Dangal in the Punjab region, where he has been hawked and disturbed by a group of Shiv Sainiks, who were out there protesting outside the 5 star hotel, Aamir stayed in, while he has been given added security by the Punjab Police, while these protesters as usual have crossed their limits, burning the superstar’s posters and disturbing the usual working and traffic in that area.

Aamir Khan was safely routed to the shooting site, escorted by enhance Police security, while being seated in a SUV, he reached the shooting location safely, but for how long will all this go on?

I think it’s high time, we should let things be, while they change for themselves, but creating a riot situation and disturbing and threatening somebody’s life is a complete NO, what do you think?


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