Is India really intolerant?

This is our plea to reach the countrymen,

While we live a free democratic nation, wherein all of us have the right and the freedom of speech and there is no punishment for expressing your views about the happenings in the world, well almost anything!
But even after that there are several complications that crop us, while you hear any of us, especially the prestigious and popular people of the country like celebrities, sports stars, players, politicians etc say anything a little far from the reality or manage to hurt the sentiments of others by anything they have quoted.

The constant quarrel and raised voices on the current INTOLERENCE topic have made many of us raise our views and express anger and disagreement, while the fact remaining about the competence to refer India being intolerant.
While we are in the middle of this emotion, intolerance has bled deep into our society and is embarrassing the secular ethics of the county. However, talking generally, our country is far worldlier and broadminded if compared to many others in the world.

However, we can improve and learn for what all we have been wrong at, as we Indians are evolving and growing, in terms of awakening.

But, your latest objection intolerantIndia has pulled us back to the historical era while the Indians were marked as narrow-minded racists who were small-minded to recognize any logic. I'm disgusted to recognize that immoral attitude of a few mean a lot compared to the progressive visualization of the masses.

So, where Exactly are we heading and what example are we citing to the world?


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