Need to add Shine to your hair?

Similar to our skin, the hair also looks shinny and gorgeous only if they are shinny.

While it does go without saying that if your hair carries luster that means they are healthy. Having hair that shines displays the fact about your hair being healthy. The look of glossy hair that highlights even more in sunlight acts as a natural color to the hair making them look absolutely like a treat for the visual eyes.
The hair shines once the small scales on its cuticle lay flat, while the light spring up back, making the appearance glossy as well as shinny. While it sounds like a dream, but it is not that difficult to achieve, if proper care is given:

*Shampoo and add shine to your hair frequently, gone are the days when the myth of shampooing your hair being harmful is all gone, just pick on the most suitable product that is a mild cleanser.

*Always look for products that contain silicon that enter the scalp in order to provide nourishment over to the hair.

*Cool Water is the ideal water temperature for the betterment of your hair, wherein that would benefit the overall health of your hair.

*Always make it a point to add conditioner to your routine after a bath; just keep on following the same, start offering a deep conditioning treatment to your hair each week or a month.

*Top up your wash with a transparent gloss or a serum to add the much needed shine and gloss to your tresses.



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