Pics Dream a new platform for aspiring Photographers

While we all love to click our selfies, wefies and groupfies, edit them and post them on social networking sites, looking for likes and comments that almost make our day, right?

So here we have a latest on the block, a photography platform that offers innovative features enabling all you creative people to showcase your talents, make people aware of it, connect with the buyers and earn money!

Actually a fabulous new platform called PicsDream is here is the market, inviting all you creative and aspiring photographers who love to shoot the wild, the food in a platters, roads almost anything under the sun that makes a great picture, narrates a story of it and attracts people towards it.
This is the place to exhibit your talent, a place for all you budding photographers and the professionals to come together and make the place happening with the amazing work you guys do, share stories and the making for it, take part in the contests, sell your work, socialize and much more.

PicsDream, being the country’s primary photography portal offering all you aspirants to share, stock up, make, compete and earn money from you work, being hurled in the country yesterday made public in the capital. Established by Mahesh Nair, PicsDream is a dream project that invites all the young and old talented individuals who wish to share their work online, take part in contests, and even sell their pictures, advertising in the most creative way as they want.

The basic outline while rolling out this is the passion people have for photography and a chance to showcase their talent and promote photographers that are either passionate about it or has made it their profession, while the opportunity is open for all.
For example, people who love clicking pictures from their phones, even they get a chance to upload and submit their pictures online over PicsDream.

The portal wishes to expand further, while offering greater options for the buyers who desire to purchase, would benefit from and be glad about the hassle free and smooth experience that we offer to them.

The main idea is to make the overall experience of buying and then further on get it printed over any kind of canvas like acrylic, wood, aluminum, cloth, that would all be carried out by them, just like you order on any of the web portals online.

This would indeed support PicsDream offer and establish itself to the various photographers, but also expand out to various people involved with buying the creative pictures along with supporting and promoting young, raw and fresh talent from all over the globe.



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