Snapdeal and Aamir Khan-what is this all about?

While there has been a united stand against the Superstar and the leading name from the Khan cluster, who unintentionally quoted the country being intolerant. We completely understand about the sentiments our fellow patriotic countrymen contain, while they have been hurt by the actor, either knowing or unknowingly.

However the latest feed trending on the social websites about APP WAPSI is a little confusing and intriguing at the same time. People are strongly posting about ignoring Snapdeal just because Aamir Khan is the brand Ambassador, so the folks out there are pledging towards deleting the Snapdeal app as well as boycotting shopping until they remove their association with the actor.

Looks, like a very childish reaction by the mass, while there hasn’t been any answer by Snapdeal, being one of the most chosen and popular e-ecommerce web portal of our country.

While recently it has been observed that actors have been targeted quite often by the mass, everything they do and say has been put to scan quite often, right?

So similarly this fiddle is utterly temporarily, and should subside on its own, neither does Aamir Khan nor Snapdeal is speaking or commenting upon this sudden outrage!



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