The govt. plans to exhibit the affluence of languages over the Cyberspace

The government of our country is planning to roll out a project that presents and supports the various languages, spoken and used in our country. The project would enroll the diversity of our culture and the various languages.

Carrying an objective to exhibit India’s language assortment to reach the  cyberspace, the Center is preparing an striving 'Bharatvani Project' by which content, information, details and awareness would be offered in multiple languages whereas they all would be poised on a web portal that would be the biggest one till now, similar to the varied richness of our languages.

While the officials in the government sector is looking for material that would be helpful in this project from the various universities in our country that would make India rich digitally as well, as it is evidently rich in its culture, society, traditions and the languages.

The plan is prepared in order to offer one of the biggest language portals in the world by combining multimedia content written by the various writers all across our country in their own respective languages.

 In simpler words, just like the numerous newspapers, magazines, books etc, the digital space would certainly become rich in languages. The project also has a goal to spread classical literature and develop e-content in the various Indian languages.


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