Tips to keep your Spine Healthy and Strong

Most of us, trapped in the modern lifestyle suffer backache without worrying much about it, or probably considering being a part of routine life, sounds similar right?

Well indeed most of you would agree with me on this, especially the women out there. The major part of the day is append sitting in front of the computers on the office chair that is presuming not the best I terms of comfort, right? But since there is no other option, the only respite people rushing in today’s world and competing at work, trust on popping pills each tie the pain goes intolerable, without really realizing its ill-effects. Have you ever considered that it might be really unsafe, as the spine acts as the backbone for the entire frame of your body, while it supports as well as promotes most of things attached to the body and it’s functioning.
We offer a few extremely easy changes that can be introduced in order to make sure you have a strong as well as a healthy Spine that leads to a healthier frame:

Maintaining a proper and a straight posture while you work, sitting on your chair is crucial. Always remember to keep your shoulders, neck and back as straight as possible.

*Avoid putting strain
In case you require bending down to the ground in order to pick on something, we recommend bending your knees in a squat position, as it would avoid putting pressure on your lower back.

*Stretching is essential
Try to stretch your back as many times as possible, throughout the day.

Work and sweat in out as that adds strength to your spine.

*Sleeping position
We recommend you to sleep on your back, or your side in order to maintain the strength of your back.

*Avoid carrying a lot of weight
Avoid carrying extremely bulky bags, purses etc to make sure not to put pressure on the backbone.

Keep an eye on your diet, have a completely balanced diet full of fatty acids, calcium, Vitamin D along with proteins.



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