Why is India always hushed away?

Actor Nandita Das strongly condemns the current state of the country, while the people are increasingly becoming fearful in speaking their minds out.

Talking about her apprehension about the mounting environment of prejudice and cutting out the voice of several in the country, celebrated actress-filmmaker Nandita Das quoted this kind of cultural control being hazardous for a democratic system like India.
According to her, throttling of the voice along with this kind of cultural policing that is happening is enormously perilous. Considering India as one of the most constant democracies the actress quoted it being compulsory for the people to accumulate their liberty of saying what they feel is right.

As per the superb actor, the country has people from various countries, set ups, upbringing, caste, creed and religion, so therefore having diverse opinions is quite evident and is considered to have options while being a hake symbol and freedom to speak up considered good for the society, while we have the freedom to voice out our thoughts.

Well certainly, in a country where there are certain set of people who work towards voicing out their concerns should rather be appreciated and not hushed away. This would certainly help the country to grow individually, as a society and ultimately a nation as well.


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