Workout in Bed?

Winters have arrived and so are, the warm comforters, blankets, warmers etc. all out of the closets. The mornings have always been the chillier part of the day, so a walk in the yard, or a jog on the tracks can be a simply no, right?

Well if yes then read through this blog especially for the people like me, who really feel cold in the mornings and would prefer utilizing the extra time sleeping more for some time, before its time to get to work.
So, here are a few tips and tricks that would cheat you away to a healthier body and a flat toned tummy:

*Air cycling
All you got to do in this extremely easy and hassle free bed exercise is left both your legs stretched up the ceiling and from there on, move in circular rotations, paddling a cycle in the air.

*Arch your legs, and support your head with your hands, while just lift your head towards your legs, in for of crunches, but relatively lighter ones, that would strengthen the muscle of your tummy hereby making them stick together.

*Try to protract your arms and chest and retract them back, this would add core to your chest, shoulders and arms muscles, making them stretch and contract at the same time, offering a great strength to your work out.

*Leg stretches
Lie down on your side and sideways stretch one of your legs up, stopping at regular points for a few seconds while bringing them back together. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times on each leg, in order to strengthen your legs, and toning hem as well.

*Similarly stretch the legs one by one towards your head too, offering them a complete over all movement and stretch, strengthening your core muscles.

These are certainly simple yet effective exercises that would make sure you don’t gain an inch this winter season, while you can enjoy the warmth of coffee, healthy soups, steaming hot boiled veggies and keep yourself radiant, healthy and fighting fit, this winter season, till then good luck!!!



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