Would the new upcoming Maggi be really worth eating?

While, the buzz is all around about the “Meri Maggi” making comeback in the month of December, 2015, we really want to ask all your consumers out there, do you really wish that its comes back, and if so, do you really rely on its quality all over again?

Well, in is certain and an established fact about Maggi being very dear to us, and all our Sundays, since our childhood have been incomplete without this tasty bowl of tempting hot and tantalizing Maggi noodles. It indeed is definite about the quality been paramount at this point of time, as it still needs a court approval. Once the fresh sample gets clearance, the favorite Maggi Noodles would be back on the shelves of your nearby shops, most probably by the month of December.

As per the court orders, there are fresh sample packed and sent to the court for testing purposes, further on, post to getting cleared, they might be allowed to be sold and retailed in the markets all across the country. It is quite evident for the earnings of the brand Nestle being badly hit after the sales of the Maggi noodles were put to a halt. Now the Maggie would be back carrying improved ingredients safety labels in order to offer its delicious taste and renowned flavor all across the country yet another time.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, the food regulator, expelled the sales Maggi earlier in the month of June this year, following the tests that presented the instant snack laden with too much lead and hints of monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancing agent. While all of this creating a huge trauma for the customers in the market, who considered the treat good for their kids, and joyfully cooked a Maggie meal, enhancing the Sunday spirit for the whole family.

Other than these the people in the army, mountaineers, camping adventurous lot, thought of it being the sole option, acting as a life savior for them, by cooking a filling and scrumptious meal, when they was nothing else available.
There was a huge outrage in the mass, while the people were shocked to hear upon the fowl ingredients being used that could end up taking their lives, wonder if the people would be able to trust back the brand and its produce yet another time!

 Trust is usually gathered upon investing a lot of time, and once gone, takes a while to retain back, the common consumers in the market would not have enough facts to actually establish the fact about the new Maggi becoming good to eat, or is it a deal between the brand, paying enormously to contaminate the testing and purchasing the fact of them being a powering company and bring back their product.

Well, it’s entirely a question of pure and individual choice; let us know what exactly you think about it!


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