Your car needs a Spa treatment too!

We all are in love with our cars while they are just bought, but the moment they tend to get a little older than 6 months or so, we tend to lose the charm, get busy with the other things in life and gradually the car gets in a bad shape inside, being dirty and spotted at the leather fabric, and f kids travel in the car, you ne dup fining what not stuck in the corner right?

Seeing this sight you just end up pitying yourself, while the courage to clean around hardly gathers and neither does the time comes, so what needs to be done?

Talking about the seats of your car, then they are majorly taking a lot of neglect each time people get inside the car to enjoy a journey.

Here are a few tips to maintain the richness and shine of the leather seats in your car:

*Use a specialized cleaner
Always make sure to use a gentle and professional car seat cleaner that is specially formulated for leather seats, as they would provide that extra care of the fabric and also clean them, without fading the shine away.

*Car vacuum Cleaner
This is an essential product that is a must buy in case you want your car to be clean and sparkle inside. The car vacuums out in the market are portable, extremely handy and would very well clean the interiors, making sure every inch and corner of the car is spotless.

*Wipe out well
After you have thoroughly applied the car cleaner make sure you have a moist wipe that is readily available in the market. All you got to do is dip it in water and clean the leather seats. Owning to its absorbing power, it would leave a thoroughly fresh surface.

*Let the seats breathe and dry out
Make sure you open the doors of the car and let the air and sundry out the soap if any left from the seats of the car, this way the seats would not smell of the soap, leaving the fresh and sparkling clean.

In order to maintain the leather fabric, you could also opt for a leather conditioner readily available in the market, that would even out the surface, maintain the shine and gloss of the fabric, giving out a new look each time the car goes in for a spa.

Hope the above tips would enhance the look and feel of the interior of your car and care for the leather fabric you have.



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