Your Smartphone can make you fit

All this while we have been reading and writing about the harmful and ill effects of using continual Smartphone, its addiction, harmful rays and what not!

However we have good news for all of you who are in deep love with this most essential, useful and handy device that carries the ability to get the world under a single touch. You can actually keep a track of your fitness level through your Smartphone. While the wristband fitness tracker is getting uncomfortable and quite a pile on, that usually skips while we are in a rush, isn’t it?
So, it’s high time you can chuck it away and instead use makes your own Smartphone your very own Fitness tracker.

The BioPhone develops biological signals from your phone's accelerometer and it has the ability to seize even the tiniest actions of your body that are outcomes of the beats of your heart along with the rise and fall of your chest.

For instance you’re Smartphone may recommend you a certain healthy tips like an easy breathing exercise and if required it would also ask the favorite caller in your list to call you.

In order to check upon the efficacy of BioPhone, researchers direct the participants to stand, sit and lie down keeping a Smartphone with them, even if it is in their pockets.



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