5 side effects of living in Delhi

Delhi is not just the capital city of our country; it evidently has become the greatest contributor towards the pollution level in India too. The air pollution in the capital city has been recorded being at an all time high in the past few months. The kind of toxic and horrendous air that flows in the city has been impacting and affecting the heath of many, causing high risk allergies and respiratory diseases.

As per the report prepared b the World Health Organization, Delhi has been displaying a score of PM 2.5 that accounts to be the most harmful to a human body till now. In Accordance to the met department, toxic ozone levels have reached beyond the limit level in the capital of the country, which is the pride of most of the countrymen living in India.

The harmful effects of this high and alarming pollution level have been listed as:

The high rising pollution pulls away the moisture from the skin, making it extremely dry and prone to several skin allergies and diseases.

Especially while the winters are around, the dry winds along with the toxins leave a lot of damage making them look very dry and damaged.

*Blocked Nose
While you can feel the smog around, it causes a lot of blockage around your nose causing irritation, breathing difficulties and Asthma is sensitive cases.

*Eye Infections
People often go through a phase of burning sensation in their eyes, especially while they are on the roads, stuck between traffic, mounting air pollutants, leading to infections, flu, conjunctivitis etc.

*Low Immunity
The inferior quality of air, results in a decreased level of immunity, caused by frequent illness, allergies, heavy medications, its side effects and much more.



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