7 sins to avoid while wearing a Sari

Alright all you pretty ladies out there, we are right in the middle of the wedding season. So after a lot of thoughts and a buzz about what to wear, you have zeroed down over a lovely sari that is the best option to add glamour, glitter and a bit of oomph to the wedding gatherings. This is the only garment that suits women of all sizes, shapes and color. The sari drapes beautifully making any woman loos exceptionally feminine, glamorous and beautiful. You just need to pair it with the right kind of a blouse that can change as per the occasions, to make a style statement, eyes rolling around your wherever you step out.

The 6-yard fabric is one of the most beautiful choices if we talk about the traditional Indian attires. As women of our country most often drape a sari still most of the time gets it wrong. In this read, we will discuss about the best practices to follow while draping this amazing attire, so that you look absolutely Divalicious!

Here are a few mistakes to avoid while wearing a Sari:

*Get the drape right
Draping the sari well carries a lot of importance, like wearing it too low or too high can be really bad and could hamper the look altogether. Wear the sari at the navel level to avoid making you look too short. Wearing a sari too high or too low can hamper the look altogether.

*Avoid a lot of Jewelry
Sari in itself is lavish attire, so just keep the accessories and jewelry to the minimum, and yet coordinated well in terms of its color, style, make etc. So avoid looking like a glittery ball hanging on the Christmas tree, be careful about the jewelry you pick. Stick to heavy wearing if the sari is a heavy one, or add on a simple necklace and a pair of earrings to add sparkle to a simple sari.

*Keep your undergarments in place
There is nothing as awful as your under wires or straps peeping out of the blouse. It is certainly a big no, so please avoid it by wearing the right size that fits proper and does not keep lagging out of the blouse.
*Keep a tab on your footwear
No matter how comfortable you might feel in your flats, ballerinas or flip flops, please avoid them along with a sari. We recommend you to wear heals along with a sari that is surely going to add a lot of grace and charm to the entire look.

*Drape the Pallu right
There are several ways you can choose from to drape the pallu of your sari, however no matter which side of way you decide to drape your sari’s pallu, make sure you pleat it well and place it correctly.



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