Charge sheet filed by CBI-against Sooraj Pancholi

There is a charge sheet filed in by the CBI in regards to the Jiah Khan suicide. While the reports claim that while she was pregnant with their baby, Sooraj asked her to abort the baby, while extracting out the fetus all by himself, in spite of taking her to the hospital, fearing the reveal of his relationship with her.

Though the special crime division of the CBI that was given a task by the Bombay High Court in the month of July 2014 to explore through the death of khan to be a suicidal or homicidal. As not making it a homicide, it carries the ability to make the suicide case go against Pancholi way too stronger.

As post to the medicinal process of aborting a fetus inside the body, Jiah Khan started hemorrhaging and immediately contacted her boyfriend Pancholi for his support, love and care. She was in sheer bad pain and needed someone to be with her along with hospital assistance.

But during this emergency, Pancholi supposedly asked Jiah to wait and call her gynecologist to guide them. He would have taken Khan Straight to the hospital, as the baby inside her body had been aborted, while it was not out of her body still.
It certainly proved that instead of taking care of her life, he took charge of his reputation, while extracting the fetus all by himself considering his reputation, career, family etc.

So, it still needs to be seen that she Khan lost her life, in this process or she was left devastated seeing the behavior of her partner and loosing hope to live life, it is a mystery even till now, while the justice would be done for sure.



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