Dark matte lip color, this weeding season?

As we all are dancing away to glory, right in the middle of the wedding season in the country. There are many new trends brought in, many revamped while there are rest that are modified and given a new fresh twist altogether.
The best thing about fashion is the ability to never fade away!

The fashion trends might go on a halt for some-time, taking much like a sabbatical, but at the same time it remains a fact that they do definitely come back for sure. This time we are talking about the trend of wearing dark, matte shades of lipstick on your lips. This trend has been back after a long though, I remember the times when brown color shades in matter became such a craze out there!

While we talk about this current trend of applying dark lipstick on your lips, making you look forever radiant, glowy and so much in!

The only aspect that needs to be taken care of it the way you apply it. You need to be selective about the color you pick, as it should match or at least contact with what you’re wearing.

Then, secondly you need to be sure about the how to apply it, for making the most out of its looks.

Remember if a dark shade isn’t applied correctly, it can make you look, simply gross!!!

*Dab a layer of lip balm over your lips, to begin with.
*After that, outline your lips, well with a matching lip liner.
*Try filling in some of the color from your liner, creating a shaded effect on your lips.
*Now, dab your dark shade of lipstick in the well defined lip area.
*Once you are done, take a tissue paper and press once to get rid of the uneven spots.
*Now, put in another layer of lipstick while securing a long lasting shade

You are ready to dazzle anywhere you head on!!!



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