India is the 3rd largest network of Technical Start-ups

Carrying around 4100 enterprises, India has become the 3rd largest base for technical startups in the world and as per Google; this number is just going to increase in the coming years, while technology is playing the most imperative roles in our lives these days.

Focusing more on the growth, our country has been projected to be the technical hub as more Indian get the chance to explore technology, get access, make great use of it by acquiring power through it, initiate business opportunities, grow and hereby promote the economy of eth country to a level high altogether.

The number is estimated to get really big by the year 2020, while giving a makeover to the country altogether.

Technology is a boon for the rapid world we live in today, while Indian took its own time to come up this level, and today most of the country runs on technology every minute, buy making use of great things in life, enhancing the overall productivity, benefitting in terms of finances and also making life really easy and progressive.

The govt. is trying to digitalize the entire country, making sure realize the importance and the power of using technology and the kind of change it can bring in our daily lives, and at the same time with the economic status getting better, we are now able to purchase the benefits of technology and hereby using it in almost every phase of our lives.



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