Indian Economy to get a complete Digital Makeover by 2020

At the moment the Indian economy has taken a great leap while reaching 50 percent digitization goal, while aiming even high to completely achieve cent percent digitization by the year 2020.

At the moment the digital revolution is currently powered by prompt progression in the technical space.
While on the other hand, this renovation has made the country susceptible to cyber threats as well. India is at the moment achieved to obtain a rank being one of the top five countries working towards malware perception and security breaks.

Flexibility, social networking, customer objective along with optimization of supply chain are a few of the key forces that have given birth to the digital revolution in our country. At the moment there is a lot of transparency in the country owing to the power of the internet in hands off the common man. While the productivity and enhanced, the quality has become much progressive and the entire world has become closer to our country, while there is nothing left behind for us to do.

Government requires knitting potential in order to go through this revolution that would add on to the success of the digital transformation, we are talking about, depending upon the degree of openness from adoption viewpoint, the hazards recognized and an appropriate extenuation plan requires to be initiated.

There is a lot of change and modification we are going through, and if things remain to work on a similar pace, there is nothing our country would not be able to secure, making each sphere better and more rehabilitated.



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