Indian weddings and food?

Alright so we are right in the middle of December enjoying the wedding season with complete zeal and oodles of enthusiasm. The upcoming Saturday that is the 12th of December 2015, have recorded to host around 30,000 weddings in the capital city. We all love attending these weddings, no-matter close, distant or our neighbors; it offers an excuse to get out of the regular routine, offering an option to wear out glittery and decked up Indian attire, suits, sherwanis etc. meeting and greeting our known, dancing away to glory and much more!

Apart from all these aspects, FOOD is one major attraction at any wedding. No matter where the wedding is being organized the buffet offered has some of the most traditionally delicious dishes that we keep on waiting for being invited to another wedding so that we can have a flavor of the same.

The fascination with the wedding food starts as early as our childhood. The weddings are a lot about eating all sorts of fattening food enjoying with your loved ones. The only people who do not attend a wedding for food are the bride, groom and their immediate families, while the rest of the people enjoy the weeding surely for the food that is offered.

Here is a list of food items that our eyes keep searching as soon as we reach the wedding venues:

*Paneer /Chicken Tikka- Don’t you always look for the waiter carrying a tray of these?

*Tomato Soup-Winter weddings are just so incomplete without this classic soup garnished with cream and bread crumbs!

*Golgappa- No matter they are available throughout the season at a stone throw distance, but still this table counter is constantly crowded at the weddings.

*Tawa Subzi- Being the Indian sizzler, this has been around in wedding since ages, still loved and cherished.

*Dahi Bhalla- Again another signature dish for wedding here in our country, people eat this from the salad bar alone then fill-up food in the plates.

*Shahi Paneer-This reach and creamy gravy offers the most authentic taste at the wedding, I wonder why doesn’t it taste so good at the restaurants?

*Matar Pulao- The wedding dinner buffet remains incomplete without the addition of this white rice matar pulao appreciated since ages.

*Halwa- Especially during the winter season, Gajar ka halwa, along with Moong ki dal ka Halwa steaming hot satisfies your sweet tooth while making us feel warm and cozy.



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