Kriti Sanon is scared of Dilwale cast

While it’s evident for any new comer to get scared and fearful, while working with some of the legends of the B-town. Similar things happened with Kriti who is stared opposite Varun Dhawan in the upcoming and much awaited flick of the year, Dilwale.

The movie marks the come-back of the most loved romantic pair of Bollywood, casting Shahrukh and Kajol after decades in a movie that seems like a sequel to Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jaenge, although the story runs on a different line altogether.

The start cast looks absolutely flawless, while Kajol is looking way too glamorous, even better, much hotter than her younger days, and in front of her Kriti who is much younger and raw could be seen scared of making her presence felt in the movie.

In a recent interview, Kriti was reported saying that she was really scared of facing Kajol, even more than Shahrukh. She has been given a chance to get paly with Shahrukh by spending a lot of time with him earlier, while the case was quite opposite with Kajol, as they never got a chance to mingle with each other before.
However carrying her intimidation, Kriti went on to praise the veteran actress who is amazing on the sets, carrying her positive vibes, chirpy nature, glamorous smile, her strong acting skills and much more that added on to the charm of her personality and make her stand at par.



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