Mark Zuckerberg has a Baby Girl

The CEO of Facebook, Mark has a new member in his family, a daughter he has named Max and as he announced her birth, he has also pledged to donate 99 percent of the Facebook shares. While their lifetime current value sums up to be around $45 billion Dollars. The basic notion behind this charity is to promote human capacity make sure all children get the equal facilities in the coming generations.

The billionaire Facebook CEO along with his physician wife vowed to donate 99% of their Facebook shares they earned in their lifetime, presently carrying a value of nearly $45 billion. They declared the same in a letter that they wrote to their newborn daughter Max that was posted on Facebook on Tuesday, the national day of giving called the “Giving Tuesday”.
Max took birth early in the Thanksgiving week.

To start with they would concentrate over the personalized learning; curing disease; linking people and making sure the communities around are stronger than ever before.

The happy and blessed couple wrote in a letter to their daughter stating that they understand and realize that the problems around are bigger than this amount of money, however this is just an extension to their feelings and aim at offering the best of support they have in their abilities.

It has been an incredible step taken by Zuckerberg, who is one of the youngest billionaire, all of 31 years old, floating over the peak of his career ruling Facebook, an affluent technology that has changed the way people socialize, do business and connect to it almost every hour of their lives.

His total length of riches is amazingly so immensely big that even if they donate the entire 99% of their shares, he along with his wife would still be grasping shares of another projected $450 million.



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