People rescued dogs from the water flooded Chennai roads

While living conditions in Chennai during the last week was quite miserable and totally uncomfortable. The city roads, houses, offices people kid’s cars, were all disturbed by the water. In this condition of havoc and chaos in the city, there is a team by that was all there in order to rescue the innocent dogs out there. This is a true compassion symbol offering a view of Humanity still alive in people and their devotion towards the furry fellows who are equally important to some just like kids to their parents.

Well, certainly such an amazing thing to talk about, I would certainly like to show your around the humanity so pure.
Since the dog owners had been instructed to move out of their homes, there were hotels being the only options in such situations. However these hotels did not allow dogs inside, so this group came in who rescued and with the owner’s permission and relocated them over to Bangalore by road.

While the team assured the owner to take care of the dogs, while they were on their way to the rescue, they kept uploading pictures and updating their owners about their status. This hostel for dogs is an idea by a compassionate soul Shravan Krishnan, who is a passionate about offering love to these furry friends who never ask for more than love, what do you think?


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