Plastic Surgery Disasters in Bollywood

The main objective of all working in the glamour world is to look beautiful and exceptionally extraordinary. No matter it is an essential factor to survive in this highly competitive glamour world, but the acting abilities also count, don’t they?
While not in for a surety on this, earlier the actresses were beautiful, they believed in themselves and the little flaws that they might have had were often concealed with their acting prowess, abilities and talent that made people forget about the flaws and appreciated the great things in them.

But now, the time is evolving, while there are many actors who willing are going under the knife in order to sketch out perfection, thinking that they would add-on their performance and popularity.

There are many celebrities who wish to look absolutely flawless and stunning, so they choose the plastic surgery route. However even after scenic going at peak technical levels now, there are time when things can go wrong, human errors, mechanical disturbances and much more!

While they took the courage to try it out, a few of them have faced disappointment as the results have come out disastrous.

We list a few celebrities who had to face a lot of criticism for their decision or is it just pure luck!

*Rakhi Sawant

*Pamela Anderson

*Lindsay Lohan

*Lit Kim

*Donatella Versace

*Jocelyn Wildenstein

*Kim Kardashian

*Koena Mitra

*Lauren Goodger

*Farrah Abrahim

*Anushka Sharma



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