Ranbir and Deepika starrer Tamasha bonds with the youth of India

Like our country, thinking, people and economies are evolving, so is the pattern and the base of our movies. Directors are exceeding experimenting with bold and newer concepts through their films that have not only been liked but formed a sort of a connection with the youth of the country, and why not. It ahs been established since years that the movie industry has been inspiring and influencing our lives greatly!

Tamasha being the latest offering the in Bollywood town that contained an inspiring movie for the youth, leaving a message behind and going by the modern and rapid era we are living in and contributing towards the quality of a fast paced life.

Every young and independent youth of our country is expected much after the completion of studies and the ample social convictions expected out of them. Being extremely free spirited individuals who want to live a happy life while also wish to spread smiles all over around them.

Similar to the youth of today who wants to be independent, and at the same time do not want to compromise with the freedom and the lifestyle they wish to choose.

The story is all about their journey that sails through maintaining the norms of the society.



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