Selfies can be dangerous - They are not allowed here

There are a few places in the world, where clicking selfies is just not allowed. You can take pictures in the usual regular fashion; there is a ban over Selfies!
The tending fever of taking your own picture, popularly known as Selfies are becoming one of the most trendy and popular aspect of the year 2015, while this trend is indeed fun, a frenzy of the social media that people from all across the globe, all ages and from the various walks of life know about its concept and click random selfies almost every day. However we have come across a few places where clicking a selfies is an absolute No! It sounds really absurd that taking a selfies could ever harm anyone, but strange enough they have been banned due to some of the most interesting reasons.
Here is a list of the most popular places in the work where Selfies are banned:

*Disneyland, USA
The ban was put after the month of June this year, as the selfies stick has managed to conduct a few injuries over the rides and also in the free area, so after the many complaints by the visitors the selfie sticks and the selfies clicks were put on a ban, here in Disneyland, USA.

*Johannesburg, South Africa
This place has a Lion Park where one is allowed to take walks with the Lions, pet them, get clicked etc. But visitors started staking selfies that might have annoyed a few on the animals, so now it’s a complete no to take selfies, making sure you do not take your face so close to the lion.

*Colosseum, Rome
The selfies- stick has been put on a ban, basically due t its shape and size, and it harm the precious and fragile items on display there, making things prone to breakage, quite fair, isn’t it?

*Lollapalooza Music Festival, Chicago
The annual summer music fest in Chicago is organized each year in the month of August, being one of the major music fests in the country has banned the use of selfie-sticks.

*Garoupe, France
Garoupe has some of the finest and the most pristine beaches in the world. Selfies are banned owing to offer privacy and freedom to the people around who come here to enjoy the serene beauty, while the others upload their private moments on social networking that traps them into trouble.

*Mecca, Saudi Arabia
The Islam followers out there consider clicking selfies as a pure self worship and it’s just a way to flaunt religious inclination over social networking sites. This is incorrect as per their religion.

*Pamplona, Spain
Here each there is a fiesta celebrated with a bull fight, wherein if people stop for taking selfies and pictures things can really get crazy as the bulls are very fast and strong, and it might cause injuries and harm to the local people.

*California, USA
Lake Tahoe in California is very popular for its bear population along with the visitors who arrive from all over the globe to look at these deadly however extremely cute animals. People have been injured while clicking pictures with these animals, so yes the ban exists here as well.



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