Some of the most interesting QUIRKY Food facts

Food is synonymous to the air we need to breathe, right?

Alright so we all have loved food all our lives, at time enjoying its taste, or just another excuse to go out , getting together inviting your loved ones, or eating something fancy. We have stuck up with food all our lives and spend nearly more than half of the day cooking and eating food, but when was the last time we spoke about food?

I don’t really remember, yes we do keep talking about the diets, fat content, nutritional value in food etc., but we have hardly got the time to actually talk facts about it!

So here we have some of the most interesting information and details about the food we usually eat each day, there are nothing gross and they won’t stop you from eating food items, trust me. We are going to discuss some additional information about the food we usually eat:

You Know What?

1. Potatoes : Potatoes absorb Wifi signals pretty well and are used to enhance the web signals in aero planes. DID YOU KNOW THAT?

2. Pineapple : This fruit is considered as the international symbol to welcome people over and a gesture to say that they are perfect and may this association last longer!!! REALLY?

3. Chocolates : Instead of paper money or coins, chocolates were once used for trading.

4. Ice-Cream : Have you noticed the ads and commercials for ice-creams, they never melt, as they are actually mashed potatoes, colored to give an identical look.

5. Ketchup : Ketchup has been medically used to treat ailments like diarrhea in the 1800s era. It started to be used as a poison, then it became a medicine, and now it’s a junk food.

6. Chocolates can make you a genius : It is said that if you consume some chocolate right before an exam or attempting a test, there are greater chances for you to secure better marks while you easily understand most of the questions.

7. Apples wake you up : Yes, apples have more potential to wake you up, even more than caffeine in your morning cuppa.

8. Tomato is not a vegetable : Tomatoes are considered fruits.

9. Apples are roses : Apples belong to the rose family, along with pears and plums.

10. Sleep well after eating onions : You would tend to feel sleep after the consumption of a lot of onions.



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