Take care of your dry lips this winter season

Often the chilly winds and the cold take away the moisture and the luster out of your skin. So in order to maintain the glow, softness and supple nature of your skin and lips, we need to take a few special steps in order to deal with the winter dryness and chapping of our lips.

There are a plenty of cosmetic and protective products available in the market, however the root cause of the drying lips is something that can be well dealt with at home itself.

We offer a few steps using them, you can make sure you lips remain soft, supple and moisturized all in place making you look gorgeous and glamorous always, fighting the winter blues!

Chapped and dry lips are the most common, yet hurting and unpleasant and they do tend to look extremely bad especially under your make up.
These are a few home remedies that would make sure you have supple, glossy and soft fuller lips all through the year!

*Take some sugar granules and rub them gently mixed with honey over your lips to remove all the dry and dead skin to discover soft and plum lips underneath.

*Grab a toothbrush and apply your regular lip balm or Vaseline over it and rub gently to get rid of extra dry skin to get glowing and sensuous lips to make you look stunning, no matter what the weather is.



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