The power of the Social Media is immense

Another great example of the power of the social media in our country came into life after a girl’s tweet helped 30 people stuck on Saudi Arabia. There were 30 people including the girl named Gayatri Raguramm who was in a flight that started from Chennai to Saudi Arabia after the floods rolled out and drenched the city in its clutch.

Gayatri tweeted for help explaining about her condition with 30 other people stuck at the airport who had no reply from the Dammam Saudi airport to board them into any of the flight to any city in India.

Our External Affairs minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj in an instant pooled in asking for her phone number to reach and speak to her.

Since at that point of time our minister could not get through Gayatri, she left another tweet asking the stuck passengers to speak to Mr. Lakra in the Indian Embassy in Riyadh along with the contact person’s phone number as he would be the best person to help them in their situation.

Gayatri managed to get connected to the contact person allotted and they all came happily to India, leaving a tweet behind to thank Mrs. Sushma Swaraj for her quick and promising efforts.



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