The power of the social Media –Twitter

There are a lot of actions taking place following the storm at social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. A similar incidence got justice after the tweet of a passenger that resulted in the Railway Minister stepping in and putting up a Fine at the caterer who over-charged the one of the passengers for bottled water in the train.

Digital India, the PM Modi’s initiative is seriously being followed throughout the government and its officials. While this latest incident and the quick response has made us believe big time in the digital world.

Our Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu earlier helped a female passenger who was being harassed, and then he helped a father and son, looking for a wheelchair, following a group of students who were stranded in a train that had no pantry, so you can very well see the kind of effect and promptness is being offered in our country.

Aman Narang, an IT Analyst from Mumbai boarded the train to from Chandigarh, named Amritsar Superfast Express and bought bottled water from the vendor who charged him Rs.20 wherein the MPR printed was Rs. 15.
So he tweeted this accident that was promptly noticed by our Railway Minister, suing the Twitter handle and making sure it’s correctly used.



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