The Top 5 deadly foods in your kitchen

Humans are one of the few beings on earth who carry the proficiency of overlooking the elementary existence disposition. We are constantly ignoring our basic health needs while running after the materialistic things and aspects in life. We are increasingly pushing ourselves towards the corner of loss while returning back carrying physical stresses on our bodies that challenge our motives and our activities.

While no matter how hard you try, there are many things in life that remain unreachable no matter how hard you try. That is the reason behind connecting to nature and being focused while relying upon the living conditions we live in, the food we eat, our daily activities etc.

Food has been our sole source of nourishment and survival while working towards offering us the required zeal and strength in order to perform a certain set life skills we ae expected to perform and survive. There are a few deadly foods those we unknowing ingest many times, being unaware of its hazards and harm it can do to our bodies:

1.Fruit Seeds
The pits or seeds of the various fruits like cherries contain poisonous compounds like hydrogen cyanide known as prussic acid. No matter what avoid the seeds of cherries, peaches, apricots etc.

Its leaves contain oxalic acid that causes kidney Stones.

There are two kinds of almonds available in the market. A sweet almond and a bitter one. The bitter almonds are extremely harmful.

4.Raw Honey
The unpasteurized variety of honey contains harmful toxins and grayanotoxins.

The stems and the leaves of the tomatoes often contain a poisonous alkali that causes stomach agitation.



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