Why So many earthquakes?

A total of 136 earthquakes have managed to rock the life upside down in our country. An analysis data has emerged that contains data lasting for the previous three decades that indicates that the earthquakes constant with no significant increase or a dip.
According to the earth science minister, Mr. Harsh Vardhan a accumulated number of 136 earthquakes have taken place in our country, until now in 2015. Out of these 114 have been high risk calamities ranging 5 in the danger zone, around 14 in the zone 4, being the high damage risk zone and nearly 5 in the zone 3 being comparatively moderate along with 3 in the zone 2 that is the low risk zone.

This has been a constant and steady data over the last 30 years.

Going by the studies, the minister also reported that the Indian plate revolves around at the rate of nearly 5 cm each year in the direction of the northeast. Though no committee has been representing this study and no analysis for the movement of Indian tectonic plate has been officially filed as yet.

However the months gone by have actually made us feel the earthquakes more in numbers, its depth and its fear!!!



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